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Lightningcast Links With iM Networks

Lightningcast Links With iM Networks

iM Networks, an ad-insertion and e-commerce service provider, will partner with Lightningcast, a streaming ad-insertion company, to provide an integrated audio ad insertion and e-commerce service. The companies said the joint effort would provide terrestrial radio and Internet-only stations with a standardized method to set up their ad-insertion systems and to report tracking data to ad agencies and ratings services.
The server-based companies stated their collaboration would provide a scaleable ad-insertion service that requires some additional software to enable existing radio station systems to insert advertising flags within their streamed Webcasts. The companies believe that their partnership will create “a de facto standard for ad-insertion.”
“Every new stream costs money, both in bandwidth and fees from agencies like RIAA and AFTRA. If terrestrial stations want to stripe over AFTRA loaded spots in their online broadcast, we can help them do it,” stated Scott Smith, CEO of iM Networks.

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