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Limbaugh ‘Rules’ Over Liberal Talkers

Limbaugh 'Rules' Over Liberal Talkers

Rush Limbaugh’s audience with adults 25-54 is 1.5 times greater than the combined audiences of Al Franken, Ed Schultz and Jerry Springer in the top 10 markets, according to a Limbaugh representative, citing summer Arbitron ratings.
According to his PR agency, Limbaugh’s “rule over liberal talkers is confirmed” by the ratings in the top 25 markets.
“Individually, in each market, and as an aggregate total for the market group, Mr. Limbaugh beats liberal talkers Mr. Al Franken, Mr. Ed Schultz and Mr. Jerry Springer in the all-encompassing sex/age category of Persons 12+,” it stated.
The company said Limbaugh’s average quarter hour total for adults 25-54 in the top 10 markets was 223,000, while Franken scored 87,000, Schultz had 33,200 and Springer had 33,100.
In the top 25 markets, the AQH for adults 25-54 was 435,100 for Limbaugh, compared to 138,500 for Franken, 88,900 for Schultz and 52,300 for Springer.