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Limbaugh Donates to House Ear Institute

Gift is in memory of Dr. Antonio De la Cruz

Rush Limbaugh donated a half-million dollars to the House Ear Institute, which he has credited with helping to restore his hearing.

The donation, in memory of Dr. Antonio De la Cruz, “will be used to help the House Ear Institute continue its mission of advancing hearing science through research and education to improve quality of life,” according to a statement.

The organization said Limbaugh knew De la Cruz since 2001 when the radio host became his patient after experiencing sudden hearing loss. De la Cruz and another physician diagnosed auto-immune inner ear disease.

“After a period of treatment with medication in an effort to save his residual hearing, Limbaugh and the House Clinic physicians decided to proceed with a cochlear implant to help restore a sense of hearing,” the nonprofit HEI continued.

De la Cruz died in July from complications of lymphoma.