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Link Station Location, Signal Strength With ‘Zip Code Signal’

V-Soft feature is free

Doug Vernier of V-Soft noticed my item about helping listeners find available radio frequencies on the FM Fool site by inserting an address. V-Soft offers something similar that station personnel may find useful, he notes.

V-Soft offers a free “Zip Code Signal” on its site. The user enters a station’s call sign and the program will list all Zip codes within the station’s coverage, sort ordered by signal strength, which is given in dBu and mV/m.

The feature will work with AM day or night service and FM as well. As an option, the user can insert a Zip code and the program will provide a list of all stations in the Zip code, sorted by signal strength. This includes Mexican or Canadian stations heard in U.S. Zip codes along the borders. Each listing provides a link to the same record on the FCC’s Web site.

Doug tells me V-Soft has recently given the Zip Code Signal feature a new look and faster operation.