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Liquid Compass Joins Mobile Apps Parade

App for iPhone to be followed by Android, BlackBerry radio station streaming apps

Radio streaming services provider Liquid Compass has announced a division devoted to building radio station streaming apps for the mobile phone market.

The first app, the LC ProM, is a spinoff of the desktop Liquid Compass player, the LC Pro. The first platform for the app will be the iPhone. Android and BlackBerry versions are to follow.

Liquid Compass CEO Zackary Lewis stated that the new mobile division will provide apps that include “features and functionality that extend a station’s desktop streaming brand to mobile devices and, at the same time, engage listeners in a highly user-friendly and interactive environment.”

Liquid Compass also offers a full-scale content and streaming delivery network.

The LC ProM will be available in standard skins and also available for customized skins to match station logos and themes. Besides the usual controls and information presentation features it will also include social networking features and “buy” functionality as well.