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Listen to DRM Radio Pulpit Audio

Audio transmit from the Pretoria area is recorded 400 kilometers away in Botswana

Digital Radio Mondiale and its South Africa DRM platform released an audio recording of the trial broadcast it began in July in cooperation with Radio Pulpit and network provider Sentech from the Pretoria area.

The DRM broadcast, available on 1440 kHz, operates at 10 kW using a 24-meter tower from the Radio Pulpit transmitter site near Pretoria. The recording of the audio, which was carried out in Gaborone, Botswana — more than 400 kilometers away from the transmitters — starts with the analog service from Radio Pulpit at 657 kHz via a 50 kW transmitter located 80 kilometers south of Pretoria and gradually switches to digital.

The trial broadcast is expected to continue until May 2015