Listeners Start to Notice Their Channel 6 FM Audio Is Gone

Inquirer in Philly picks up on the story
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“You don’t know how much I miss it. Who are they to come in here and take that out of my car?”

That’s a quote from a story in the Philadelphia Inquirer regarding loss of TV audio at the lower end of the FM dial. This of course is due to the DTV transition.

We’ve been speculating about how much impact the loss of Channel 6 audio would have for such listeners. Read the Inquirer story here. Read RW’s recent story on this topic by James O’Neal here.

A spokeswoman for the TV station told the paper, “We are looking at some options of how people might hear us, but 87.7 is probably gone for good.” She could not estimate how many people listened to the TV signal on radio but called it “a pretty large number.”


IBOC, Subcarriers and Channel 6

In the previous two issues, Radio World has excerpted comments that were submitted to the FCC about the National Radio Systems Committee report on Ibiquity Digital Corp.'s FM in-band, on-channel digital audio broadcasting system.