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Listeners Watch AraBel FM With WinMedia

Belgian bilingual station implements visual radio to better interact with audience

WinMedia and its Belgian system integrator Periactes have provided an end-to-end WinMedia radio solution to AraBel FM.

AraBel FM, a Brussels-based general-interest independent radio station, which broadcasts in French and Arabic via FM and the Internet, wanted to implement visual radio to interact more closely with its audience.

WinMedia thus provided to the station its MAM-driven radio solution, comprising more than 10 production workstations, a production studio, a broadcasting studio and a TV control room.

At AraBel FM, the WinMedia radio workflow integrates broadcast workgroups — ingest, newsroom computing, desktop editing, music scheduling, traffic and billing, playout control, multi-platform delivery, archiving and audio/video monitoring. This, says WinMedia, creates a shared environment where media assets, packages and programs are available to users for language translation and more.

AraBel FM also utilizes WinSales, a new WinMedia module, which the firms explains, optimizes business management by providing real-time online ad booking across all media, including Web and mobile. WinSales streamlines billing operations through automatic reconciliation and third-party integration with accounting systems, it says.

The WinMedia platform in addition permits AraBel FM to film its studio and automatically publish live and pre-recorded videos. The WinPublish module allows the broadcaster to quickly carry out tasks such as adding logos, points out the firm, while WinPublish streamlines content publishing on RDS using the UECP protocol, as well as on social networks. A video server manages live switchovers as well as the cameras through audio detection.