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Live365, AdsWizz Team Up for Digital Content

Internet streaming company to participate in AdWave audio ad exchange

Internet radio aggregator Live365 will use the AdsWizz ad insertion technology to deliver targeted advertisements.

The companies say that this allows for ads to be tailored to Live365 listeners’ locations, listening devices, demographic categories and other profile elements. Live365 will also participate in AdWave, the AdsWizz international audio ad exchange.

Using AdWave “allows us to monetize our listener base,” says Live365 CEO Hong Lau, who adds associating Live365’s brand with AdWave will continue to strengthen the streamer’s “connection to the ad community.”

AdsWizz CEO Alexis van de Wyer says broadcasters of all kinds of Internet audio content — from radio stations to live streams to podcasts — are seeing an audience surge worldwide and the streamers want to translate that into new revenue streams. AdWave, he explains, connects digital audio publishers with ad agencies and ad networks. The product “solves a huge challenge for many such companies, namely ensuring they can easily fill up not just their domestic ad inventory, but their international inventory too.”

Launched in 1999, Live365 is an end-to-end platform used by 5,000 Internet broadcasters.