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Live365 Partners With Blubrry to Address Podcast Problems

Service pushes podcasts to streaming platforms beyond iTunes

Internet broadcasting platform Live365 has joined with podcast hosting service Blubrry to address “podcasting pain points,” according to a release.

They will offer Podcast2Radio, a service which is intended to help podcasters discover new audiences via streaming to digital distribution networks and devices. To sign up for a Podcast2Radio stream Blubrry users will be directed to for activation.

Podcast2Radio creates a curated, controllable stream for podcasters, which they then push to streaming platforms such as Roku, Sonos, AppleTV and AHA Radio as well as other Android and iOS mobile, in-home and in-office digital devices. More distribution partners are planned for the future.

The companies say this service enables podcasters to access a potential audience of over 65 million users.

“We don’t expect streaming to replace the on-demand experience of podcasting, but a lean back stream can offer podcasters exposure to new audiences, reliable daily analytics for advertisers/sponsors, and an opportunity for podcast networks to create curated content for marketing purposes,” said Senior Content Strategist for Live365Rae Palermo.

Podcast2Radio also offers daily audience analytics, mobile compatible HTML5 players and advertising revenue opportunities, according to the announcement.