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Logitek Adds Routing Functions to Audio Engine

Logitek Adds Routing Functions to Audio Engine

Logitek Electronic Systems is out with a redesign of its Audio Engine, a modular digital audio router with mixing, summing and intercom capability. It now functions as a full cross-point router in addition to its function as the “heart” of Logitek digital consoles. As a cross-point router, the Audio Engine can manage the audio in a facility, permitting selection of any input to any output. Various control panels, software or physical, are available.
The company also now is shipping its Remora, a small, expandable digital console and control surface for the Audio Engine. And it has implemented what it calls a significant upgrade to its flagship digital console, the Numix, adding a large LCD panel with color graphics, better intercom functions, programmable buttons for executing custom commands and dedicated talkbacks for each fader channel. Info: