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Logitek Factory Closed, No Power or Phones

Company handling queries via usual emails

Update on Aug. 30, Logitek’s operations in Houston have returned to normal.

Logitek said its factory in Houston appears undamaged from Hurricane Harvey and its lingering effects. But the facility is closed today, with no power or main phone lines, and may remain so for awhile.

“Because of the catastrophic flooding that Houston is currently experiencing, the electric utility cannot estimate how long it will take for crews to restore power,” the company states on its website. Because of the outage, the main office number and support toll free number are down.

The company manufactures networked audio consoles. It has a lifelong relationship with the city of Houston, having been founded in 1979 by Tag Borland and Scott Hochberg after they helped build Rice University’s radio station KTRU and then decided to go into business together. Hochberg later moved into politics; Borland runs the company today. It is located to the west and south of the city center.

Spokeswoman Elaine Jones said, “Everyone at Logitek has been accounted for and they are safe and sound. They’ll be working from home until power is restored, and can be reached via their regular email addresses. An emergency support number has been established at John Davis’ home and can be accessed via Logitek’s Facebook page” or on the company website.

Logitek’s sales office in Philadelphia is unaffected.