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Logitek JetStream Takes Wing

The JetStream Mini represents the next generation of IP audio routing devices.

Supply Side is a series of occasional articles about business developments in the supplier world. This Q&A is with Frank Grundstein, director of sales for Logitek Electronic Systems Inc.

Q: Logitek exhibited its new JetStream Mini IP Audio Router at the NAB Show. Why is this notable?
Grundstein: The JetStream Mini represents the next generation of IP audio routing devices. It incorporates recently developed IP protocols that make it much easier for the user to set up and operate the system.

The JetStream platform uses Auto IP and Universal Plug and Play to automatically detect other JetStream units on a network and auto-configure the network. The JetStream also incorporates functionality into a single node that has previously required many individual nodes, so our system takes less rack space while offering greater flexibility.

Q: Much has been written about audio over IP as it pertains to radio facilities. What message would you like to get through to engineers and managers about the technology?
Grundstein: Newer IP protocols are being introduced into the realm of AoIP that make implementation faster and easier and allow for intersystem compatibility that has never before been realized. Multicast DHCP protocols, MADCAP and SIP are protocols that are only just beginning to show up in AoIP systems. These protocols allow for platform architecture that is low in cost and simple in application.

Q: How has the economy affected Logitek’s business?
Grundstein: Our sales have slowed, as have most manufacturers’. But we are still doing well, and the economic downturn has not affected our product development plans.

Q: What are the most common concerns you hear from your radio clients?
Grundstein: Lack of capital money. Projects on hold that need implementation but there are just not the funds available. Many engineers I have spoken to are afraid that any capital planning that they have done will all end up in the usual “fire drills,” as projects that need to be done are being put off. By the time they are allowed to address the needs, they will have escalated into disaster response rather than planned maintenance.

Additionally, there is a persistent fear that budgets are being pared to the point of eliminating manpower critical to efficient, timely engineering operation. Even the most resposible engineers feel that response times for even critical issues will get longer as staffing becomes lower.

Q: Anything else we should know about your business direction or new products?
Grundstein: Several new products are in the works; we will continue focusing on innovation in audio routing and mixing for both radio and television users.

Q: Who owns the company? Where are you based, and how many employees do you have?
Grundstein: Logitek is a privately held company based in Houston, Texas. Tag Borland, our chief product designer, is the primary owner.

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