Logitek Sales Include Westwood One NY Project

Logitek Sales Include Westwood One NY Project
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From the Who's Buying What page: Logitek announced the sale of two Mosaic digital consoles to Westwood One for use in the NCAA studios in New York City.
Westwood One purchased a Logitek Audio Engine, Mosaic-24 console, Mosaic-12 console and five GST-22 guest turrets.
Separately, Logitek said Internet provider godaddy.com purchased a console system comprising an Audio Engine and the vMix "Virtual" Console for use in a podcasting application.
Internationally, the company said it shipped two Mosaic-16 consoles to Jiangsu Radio in China through distributor JCE, which also ordered a Mosaic-20 console system for Zhejiang TV. Australian distributor Maser placed an order for a large console system including three Audio Engines, two Mosaic-12 consoles, two Remora-4 consoles, several guest panels, and a suite of router controllers.