Logitek Wins Console Package in Honolulu

Logitek Wins Console Package in Honolulu
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Also on the Who's Buying What page: Logitek announced the sale of a large console router system to Salem Communications in Honolulu. A system including 11 Audio Engines, 10 Remora consoles, vMix and various router controllers will be installed.
Logitek also announced several other sales of console router systems: Niagara Independent Media (WHLD in Buffalo, N.Y.) purchased two Remora consoles; WUTC in Chattanooga, Tenn., purchased a Mosaic console; and WJIS, Sarasota, Fla., purchased a Remora console.


Logitek Adds Mixing, Ducking to Consoles

Logitek is showing its Console Routing Systems, including the Audio Engine router; Mosaic, Remora and vMix control surfaces; and the vScreen customizable GUI for routing, control and display capabilities.