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Loh Goes to Rival Station

Loh Goes to Rival Station

Part-time commentator Sandra Tsing Loh, fired earlier this month for leaving the f-word in a taped commentary that aired twice on noncom KCRW(FM), Santa Monica, Calif, has been hired by rival pubcaster Minnesota Public Radio-owned KPCC(FM), Pasadena, Calif. Loh’s commentaries will begin airing in June, according to the Los Angeles Times.
When she was fired, Loh blamed her engineer for leaving the obscenity in her commentary. KCRW took Loh off the air and fired her, fearing an indecency complaint to the FCC and possible license revocation due to the current heightened awareness surrounding the broadcast indecency issue.
The station later offered to re-hire Loh, after learning Loh routinely left in questionable content to be later edited out, a practice station manager Ruth Seymour told the paper at the time was a “mistake waiting to happen”.
Loh declined the offer, saying she wouldn’t be comfortable at KCRW anymore.
Now that Loh has signed with KPCC, the Times reports, more is coming out about the firing. KCRW said it only responded in “limited fashion” to Loh’s account of the firing and now says Loh hired a PR firm after the incident and maligned the station, reports the paper.
Loh will be doing part-time commentaries during KPCC’s local inserts on NPR’s “Morning Edition” and possibly “All things Considered,” according to the report.