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Looking Into the Future of Media Technology

International Research Park presents work of research organizations

The International Research Park (IRP) of the NAB Show will be in the North Hall and open to all attendees; it will highlight new and emerging technologies.

It is presented by NAB Labs, a newly formed research entity within NAB.

The “park” is designed to underscore projects from academic, government and commercial research labs. Among attractions will be the first U.S. presentation of a 200-inch, glasses-free 3D projection system, by the Japanese research lab National Institute for Information and Communication Technology (NICT).

Other demonstrations will include hybrid radio and television broadcasting proposals, multi-sensory media presentations, enhanced media accessibility for visually and aurally impaired users, advanced file-based workflows, and interactive gesture control and data visualization technologies.

NAB CTO Kevin Gage promises “a glimpse into the future of our industry.”

NAB Show: North Hall