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Los Angeles Stations Dominate Top Earners

BIAfn list for 2008 shows top 3, and 5 of top 10, are in L.A.

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What radio stations bring in the most money in the United States? Which companies and markets dominate the top 10? Which is the top-earning station not owned by a company whose name starts with a “C”?

Data from BIA Financial Network this week answers those questions for the year 2008.

The top-earning station was Clear Channel’s KIIS(FM) in Los Angeles, which brought in $66.3 million. Los Angeles stations took the top three slots and five of the top 10, while New York took four and Washington one.

Clear Channel and CBS held eight of the top 10 slots. Three of the top 10 are AM stations.

Here’s the list, based on data in BIA’s Media Access Pro.