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Loudness Normalization for Norway DAB

Norwegian broadcasters agree on loudness target level at meeting in Lillehammer

During a meeting in Norway in February, DAB/DAB+ content providers in the country agreed on a mutual loudness normalization level.

The broadcasters chose –15 LUFS as a preliminary target level (as opposed to EBU recommendation of –23 LUFS).

They said that the main reason for this initial choice of –15 LUFS was to match the levels between DAB, FM and Internet radio in multiplatform receivers. And, with Norway looking at a complete shutdown of the FM network in 2017 (or 2019 at the latest), the intention is to possibly lower the loudness normalization target to –23 LUFS at that time or even before.

Thus far, EBU R 128 has primarily been applied to television, due to the difference in audio levels between programming and advertising.

For those seeking more information as regards its application to radio, EBU technical document Tech 3344, “Practical guidelines for distribution systems in accordance with EBU R 128,” provides specific information.