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Louis King Dies

Founded Kintronic Labs; was 2007 NAB Radio Engineering Achievement Award recipient

Louis Arthur King, founder and chairman of Kintronic Labs, has passed away.

The news is according to his son Tom, who is president of the company his father founded in Bluff City, Tenn. in 1949. Louis’ daughter Gwen King is vice president of operations. Louis was the recipient of the NAB Radio Engineering Achievement Award in 2007.

King started his engineer career as a professor in the electrical engineering department at Clemson College (now Clemson University), where he instituted the teaching of radio engineering courses, according to the Kintronic Web site. King helped design the first air-cooled 50 kW AM transmitter at RCA and received the patent for the bistable multi-vibrator, better known as the flip-flop circuit commonly used as the basic switching device in early computers.

In 1949 he obtained his PE license in Tennessee and Virginia and began a broadcast consulting business, which grew into what is now Kintronic Labs, maker of AM broadcast antenna systems and components.