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Love Knows No Codec

Love Knows No Codec

And we just had to pass along this item, which appeared in a newsletter from Telos Systems/Omnia:
“From our file of ‘Unusual Uses for a Zephyr’ comes this note from Mike Cofferon, head of engineering for Broadcast Technical Solutions Ltd., Ireland’s Telos/Omnia distributor: ‘You may be interested in knowing I proposed to my fiancee over two Telos Zephyrs. She was in the newsroom of Dublin’s FM104 and I was checking the Zephyr in the ‘On Air’ studio of Atlantic 252 based at Trim, Co. Meath. I asked her to do a voice check and then just slipped in the question at the end.’ So, how did the ISDN proposal go over? ‘Obviously confused, she said yes,’ says Mike.”