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LP-250 Proposal Open for Comments

Public may submit FCC filings on LPFM upgrade proposal until June 15

The FCC is taking comments on a petition to upgrade low-power FM stations.

The proposal, submitted by REC Networks, would increase the 100 watt stations to 250 watts where technically possible with no geographic restrictions; some LPFMs have told REC Networks they’re having trouble with building penetration.

If approved, the proposal would remove the contour-overlap requirement for LPFM-owned FM translators.

REC is also asking for new second-adjacent channel protection requirements for all FM translators to fix “an inequality” between the rules for both services, REC Networks Founder Michelle Bradley previously told Radio World: “Currently, a translator can come into the second adjacent channel of an LPFM but an LPFM cannot come into the second adjacent of a translator without asking for a waiver. Our proposed rule assures that FM translators and LPFM stations are treated as equal as possible where it comes to second-adjacent spacing.”

REC Networks also asked that the LPFM time-share requirement be lessened in the petition for rulemaking.

The agency has assigned a rulemaking number (RM-11749) to the petition. Public comments are due by June 15.