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LPFM Gear Supplier Nexus Broadcast Closed

Brand purchased by Global Spice; RecNets to handle future LPFM clients directly

Thirty-year broadcast engineering consultancy and equipment producer Nexus Broadcast has closed and most of its employees let go.

Company President/CEO Leo Ashcraft confirmed the closing to Radio World, citing both his declining health and economics. “I can no longer operate the company effectively and have been unable to support a staff under the current economic climate in the broadcast industry,” he tells RW.

Global Spice has purchased the Nexus brand for an undisclosed amount and will resume production of Nexus brand of equipment such as transmitters and stereo generators “soon.” Edgar, Neb.-based Global Spice says the company offers tower erection packages, climbing service, FM and LPFM station build-out (in addition to selling spices, herbs and tea).

An offshoot of the company Signal Delivery Systems will remain. Owner/operator Aaron Scott will continue to manufacturer the Nexus NXP88 antenna now known as the SDS CP1 and CP2, according to Ashcraft.

Nexus has two customers who have not received delivery because they owe the company money. Once those accounts are paid the gear will be shipped, explains Ashcraft.

Nexus and Rec Networks had a marketing agreement for low-power FM equipment, though the two companies are actually separate. Nexus would market the services, handle the sales negotiation, close the same and collect the charges. Nexus would then refer the client to REC for the handling of the engineering request and once REC reached a certain point in the process, they would bill Nexus at a wholesale rate, according to RecNets owner Michelle Eyre Bradley.

Those customers who have paid for MX services will continue to be serviced by REC. Future MX services — sales and support will be provided by REC directly, Ashcraft indicated because Nexus is no longer taking new clients.

Bradley notes the change caught her off guard, however she wished Ashcraft all the best in the future.