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LPFM Promotes July 20 National Call-In Day

They’re pushing Congress to ease channel protections to allow more stations onto the band

Low-power FM proponents have chosen Monday, July 20 to lobby members of Congress with phone calls to try and persuade lawmakers to pass the Local Community Radio Act — the bill directing the Federal Communications Commission to drop third-adjacent channel protections for existing full-power FMs in order to squeeze more LPFMs onto the band.

Reclaim the Media is working with the Prometheus Radio Project and other supporters on the national call-in project, described in a post.

Based in Seattle, Reclaim the Media is a nonprofit that says it is “dedicated to pursuing a more just society by transforming our media system and expanding the communications rights of ordinary people through grassroots organizing, education, networking and advocacy.”

Prometheus will host an open-house and call center in its Philadelphia headquarters that day.