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LPFM Proponents Hail FCC’s ‘Transformative’ Decision

Reaction still trickling in

Some proponents of low-power FM stations are pleased with the FCC’s initial decisions leading up to eventually opening an application window later this year to license new LPFMs.

Initial reactions are still trickling in. Prometheus Radio Project Policy Director Brandy Doyle said the decisions the FCC has made will allow the first new urban community radio stations in decades. The agency “has opened the door for communities to use their own local airwaves and that will be transformative.”

Community groups are preparing to apply for new LPFMs, according to Prometheus.

Another LPFM proponent, Common Frequency, hailed the decision, saying it will change the media landscape. “Full-power broadcast media is unaffordable and increasingly walled-off from local communities,” according to Common Frequency Technical Director Todd Urick. “Low-power radio is accessible, affordable and accountable.”

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