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LPFM Spotlight: WDXD

Big D Country Radio in Tallahassee

Who: WDXD(LP), 101.9 MHz, “Big D Country,” “Hometown Country Radio,” Alan McCall, president and general manager

What: Classic country, with some crossover pop/nostalgia hits. On Saturday wants to broadcast some community programming, including a high school sports wrap-up shows (already has a sponsor). On Sunday airs classic contemporary Christian music, local pastors, and a Southern Gospel Sunday night program. All originate locally from WDXD’s studios.

Where: Tallahassee, Fla.

When: June 24, 2015.

Alan McCall at the Mic

Why: Alan McCall, a lifelong resident of Tallahassee, founded Delta Star Radio in April of 2001 as a Florida nonprofit. That station originally began as an Internet-only station on July 9, 2001, with a contemporary Christian music format. The format was flipped to country on July 27, 2003. Delta Star Radio consists of McCall; his wife, Marianne; and his parents, Dan and Gail McCall.

This is something I have always wanted to do! I tried unsuccessfully in the past to acquire stations, but couldn’t afford to, or lost to other applicants. I had about given up on this dream for good, but decided to give it one last try during the LPFM window of 2013. My biggest challenge is fundraising. I am legally blind and don’t drive, so my wife, Marianne, and my mom are our “feet in the street” while I am on the phone, Internet and using direct mail to get the word out.

How: Housed in a refurbed former construction site trailer. The outside was thoroughly cleaned, repainted and sealed while the interior received rewiring and additional electrical work

Equipment includes: (on-air studio)Arrakis ARC-8 console; Sennheiser 421 microphone; AKG guest mic; two Numark CDN-25 dual CD players; RCA five-disc CD carousel; TEAC 100-disc CD carousel; RCA cassette deck; two Gemini XL-1200 turntables; Gateway computer with Zara 1.6 automation/live assist system; (production studio) Pioneer cassette deck/recorder; Compaq computer; Sony standalone CD burner; Radio Shack four-channel mixer; AKG mic; USB turntable; (broadcast) BE FX50 exciter (emergency/aux use only); SDS/Nexus two-bay CP antenna; 500 feet LMR600 transmission line; Nicom NT350 transmitter with a Nicom Jupiter processor (purchased from KYAC[LP] after it upgraded) after they upgraded their LPFM.)

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