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LPFMs on the Air: 809

How many LPFMs are on the air?

How many LPFMs are on the air?

The FCC provided updated statistics about low-power FM when it published details of its recent Report & Order.

“During the seven years since we created the LPFM service, that service has flourished for the most part, but also has encountered unique obstacles,” it wrote.

“To date, the Media Bureau has received 3,236 applications for new LPFM construction permits, of which 1,286 have been granted. Currently, there are 809 LPFM stations operating throughout the country.

“At the same time, the Media Bureau was compelled to cancel 17 station licenses and 95 construction permits for failure by the holder to satisfy certain procedural and/or technical requirements.”

The commission has published a Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making asking questions about how it should proceed with LPFM rules, as we reported.

“In resolving those issues, we seek to increase the number of LPFM stations that are on the air and providing service to the public, and to promote the continued operation of LPFM stations already broadcasting, while avoiding interference to existing FM service.”