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Luck Runs Out for Miami’s ‘LadyLuckRadio’

Agency says Willis Cernogg Jr. used unauthorized station to promote legal businesses, get ads

The FCC has upheld a $10,000 fine against Willis Cernogg Jr. for allegedly operating the pirate station LadyLuckRadio.

The commission said in its decision this week that Cernogg repeatedly operated an unauthorized station on 90.7 MHz in Miami.

Cernogg did not respond to the initial fine last October from the Enforcement Bureau’s Miami Office, according to the commission.

Back then, agents responded to an interference complaint and traced the unauthorized RF transmissions on 90.7 MHz to a Miami residence. The Miami Police Department searched and secured the location, and the FCC field agents inspected the radio station.

A person who rented a room in the home told the agents that Cernogg kept the transmission gear in a locked area where police found it.

An FCC Internet search turned up information for “LadyLuckRadio907FMMiami,” discussing an underground radio station on 90.7 FM in Miami, along with a Twitter user called “LadyLuckRadio” listing “” and “club ladyluck 1610 NW 119TH.” The domain name,, was registered to Cernogg.

The Florida state government had a business listing for “Lady Luck Social Club, Inc.,” with an address that matched the home that agents searched.

There is publicly available information showing that Cernogg marketed the pirate station, and used the station to cross-promote his other businesses and provide commercials under the guise of a legitimate commercial radio station, according to the FCC.

This week, the agency affirmed the $10,000 fine, which must be paid within 30 days, or the case may be turned over to the Department of Justice for collection.