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Lycos Radio Launched

Lycos Radio Launched

Terra Lycos, an Internet portal and content provider, and RadioCentral Inc., a network radio programming company, have launched Lycos Radio.
As a Net-only radio service, Lycos Radio promises to provide near-CD-quality audio, according to a statement by the companies. No downloads are required to listen to the music channels, which are programmed by experienced radio programmers. There will be limited commercials and the companies promise “top on-air personalities” will host its channels.
Features include an “info” button that opens a window with information on the song that is playing such as artist bios, photos and lyrics; a “buy” button that enables listeners to purchase music; a “remind” button that sends e-mails to users with the name of the song they were listening to and other pertinent into so that they don’t forgot a song or artist of interest; and a “history” button that keeps track of the songs that have been listened to.
A Windows Media Player is required to launch the Lycos Radio, which you can hear at