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M6 Nearfield Monitor Available Self-Powered

Bag End model aimed at broadcast and post work.

Bag End Loudspeaker Systems debuted the PM6, a self-powered version of its M6 nearfield monitor, saying it is suitable for broadcast and post-production monitoring applications.

The PM6 is a compact package, weighing 18 1/2 pounds. It measures 14 inches high by 9 high and deep. Self-powered operation comes from a 100 watt internal amplifier. It has a 6 inch coaxial driver with a 1 inch coaxially mounted neodymium magnet and soft-dome tweeter.

“Designed to be used in the nearfield, the flat response in both the frequency and time domain of the PM6 insure accurate reproduction of the audio signal to the listener position,” said James P. Wischmeyer, president of Bag End. “It gives the mixing engineer an uncompromising window into the actual content of the recording.”

Highlights include frequency response of 60 Hz to 20 kHz +/-3 dB; and an MSRP of $898.