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MacBride to Head NAB Legal Team

MacBride to Head NAB Legal Team

Former staffer for FCC Chairman Michael Powell, Marsha MacBride, is the new head of the legal department at NAB. MacBride replaces Jeff Baumann, who is retiring from the trade association in February following a 20-year stint.
As executive vice president of the trade association’s legal and regulatory affairs department, MacBride will oversee the NAB legal team, which represents broadcasters before the FCC and the courts, and provides counsel to radio and television stations.
MacBride served as Chief of Staff to FCC Powell from 2001 to September 2003, during which time she also chaired the FCC Homeland Security Policy Council. Except for a two-year stint as Vice President in The Walt Disney Company’s Washington office from 2000-2001, MacBride has served in numerous high-level jobs at the FCC since 1991. Among her positions: Legal Advisor to Commissioner Michael Powell (1999-2000); Executive Director, Task Force on Y2K Conversion (1998-2000); Acting Deputy, Cable Services Bureau (1997-1998); Legal Advisor to Commissioner James Quello (1995-1997); and Staff Attorney, Political Programming Branch (1991-1994).
MacBride joins NAB on Dec. 15.