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Mackie Forges Agreement with Peak Audio

Mackie Forges Agreement with Peak Audio

A licensing agreement Mackie Designs recently made with Peak Audio, a division of Cirrus Logic, Inc., will permit the incorporation of the Peak Audio CobraNet technology into current and future Mackie, EAW and RCF products.
CobraNet is a real-time digital audio distribution technology that allows the transportation of audio and control data over 100 MB Ethernet networks. It has become the de facto standard for multichannel distribution in the commercial sound marketplace. It is used in stadiums, concert venues, movie theaters and commercial buildings worldwide.
The aim of Mackie Designs in incorporating this technology is offer reliable and easy solutions to its customers who design and assemble digital audio systems with Mackie, EAW and RCF equipment.
For more information from the company, contact Mackie Designs at (425) 487-4333 or visit on the World Wide Web.