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Magic Philippines With WinMedia

Multitasking server helps with common tasks

Quest Broadcasting Inc. began the introduction of the WinMedia Software Suite with an installation at Magic 89.9 in Manila, Philippines.

The installation consists of three workstations and a dedicated logger in a networked environment. All the workstations are connected to the same database allowing the seamless integration between the various radio departments.

At the center of the setup is a multitasking server that contains the WinMedia 2.9 SQL database and all the audio files. This also serves as the on-air workstation, linked to the console with fader starts and has a dedicated Cartridge 32-button hot-key module.

Additional workstations are used for music scheduling and advertising and traffic management.

“We had been searching the market for a new software solution for quite some time, the choice to integrate WinMedia has already paid off. … Working on a shared database consolidates our operations and allows our team to save time by eliminating repetitive manual scheduling tasks.”

Quest plans to use WinMedia solutions to network its Manila stations and provincial stations to share data and book ad campaigns nationwide, Armand Ursal, Quest vice president of engineering, stated.