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Make Sure EAS Gear Works After Studio Move

WFBX fined for not having working EAS equipment

Corrected version; an earlier version misstated the ownership of the station.

When the main studio moves, be sure the EAS gear is hooked up at your new location.

That’s the moral in this case about a CRS-owned station. The FCC fined WFBX(AM), Spring Lake, N.C., $8,000 for EAS violations.

Responding to a complaint in 2008, field agents from the Enforcement Bureau’s Norfolk office inspected the WFBX main studio, co-located with WFAY(AM), in Fayetteville, N.C. Agents said there was no EAS equipment for WFBX in the control room and said the EAS gear for WFAY was turned off and not connected to an antenna.

Staff told the commission that both stations had been without working EAS equipment since the move to the new main studio. The station had told the agency about the move.

The FCC decided CRS is apparently liable for an $8,000 fine for WFBX operating without working EAS equipment; it has 30 days to pay or appeal. CRS must also certify within 15 days it has working EAS equipment at WFBX.

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