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Making Radio Mobile

FlyCast releases tools for putting content onto mobile platforms

FlyCast, the mobile content provider headed by David Kennedy, has released a suite of tools designed to simplify porting a station’s content to mobile devices.

The company provides content for Apple iPhones and iPod Touches, BlackBerrys, T-Mobile smartphones and personal computers.

Called ADdapt, the new tools can be used to create “apps” to promote and deliver content. There are also several tools available for advertising applications. These allow for improved branding and the defining and targeting of actual and prospective listeners.

Kennedy said: “By opening up our platform to allow content owners to better leverage the mobile channel, we’re also expanding the universe of content available to consumers in a mobile environment. We’ve made it easy for anyone to deliver content quickly to a variety of handset types and are helping our partners execute on the promise of a truly mobile lifestyle.”

FlyCast offers some 1,500 channels of content, including a large number of radio stations.