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Malay Stations Attract 55 percent of Malaysians

Recent Nielsen figures show 10.2 million people tune into Malay-language radio stations

New Nielsen numbers indicate that 55 percent of Malaysia’s population is covered by Malay-language stations every week, says Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union.

During the recent survey period of September through October, 10.2 million people listened to these stations. Listening peaked from 8–11 a.m., 5–7 p.m. and between 9–11 p.m. The highest average weekly reach was 5.2 million listeners (27 percent) for Astro Radio’s ERA FM.

The survey also revealed that Chinese-language stations reached 22 percent of the population, while bilingual stations THR Raaga and THR Gegar recorded an average weekly reach of 20 percent of listeners.

Additionally, 9 percent of the population tune in regularly to English language stations.

Stations from Star Radio Group do not participate in the Nielsen research and are not reflected in the data.