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Malaysia’s Radio Is Region-Centric

More stations emphasize serving locals

More regional radio stations are emerging in Malaysia, according to Asia Radio Today and the Asian-Pacific Broadcasting Union.

Although they are not alone in the market, regional stations (such as Best 104, Ultra FM, Pi Mai FM, BFM, IKIM FM and Cats FM) are gaining a foothold in local markets, despite competition from Astro Radio, Media Prima, and the Star Radio Group.

Regional radio stations are local but still aligned to the national group’s brand. They target listeners with relevant content and focus on niche programming that is localized.

“Regional radio stations adhere to the local dialects and cultural nuances. In other words, we create content that’s region-centric,” according to Hawa Abdul Hamid, general manager of Laureate, which operates Pi Mai FM and Ultra FM.

Hawa believes that regional stations can compete by offering affordable advertising packages, promoting local events and providing timely and thorough local news.

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