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Malta (Temporarily) Shuts Off Analog Radio

Tower work means analog stations will be off air for one day

Malta is getting a temporary analog radio shut off on Saturday, 27 August.

L’Awtorità tax-Xandir, the broadcasting authority for the Mediterranean nation of Malta, is switching off all analog radio broadcasts originating from the GħargħurTransmitting Tower, the main broadcast-origination site for the archipelago.

The work must be conducted during daylight hours and all analog radio broadcasts from the facility have to be switched off from 05:00 to 15:00, although analog radio could be switched on earlier if the work is completed ahead of schedule.

In October 2008, Malta became the first country in Europe to rollout a national DAB+ network. Forty-seven services, including several DAB-only channels, operate on the network.

According to the April-June 2011 quarterly audience survey conducted by l’Awtorità tax-Xandir, 7.9% of Maltese radio listeners have a digital radio system and tune to DAB+ broadcasts, although that does not include digital radio listening that takes place through television or Internet platforms.

In case of weather delays, the analog shutoff and tower work will be done on 3 September.