Marantz Flash Recorders Go Stereo

Marantz Flash Recorders Go Stereo
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The Marantz PMD690 records stereo or mono digital audio using PC Cards of flash or hard disk configuration. The PMD680 model is the mono-only version and includes a telephone input/output.
Audio files recorded on the units can be transferred to a computer for editing, archiving, or uploading to the Internet.
Both the PMD690 and PMD680 can record audio in the MP2 format, the voice-optimized version of MP3 audio compression. A variety of compression settings are available to extend recording times on smaller-capacity PC Cards.
These recorders can also record uncompressed 16-bit PCM digital audio as a WAV or BWF (Broadcast Wave). A built-in non-destructive EDL system enables the user to place reference marks and create custom playback sequences.
The PMD690 can record via the built-in microphone or use the stereo XLR mic/line inputs - the PMD680 offers a 1/4-inch or XLR mic input. Playback can be monitored through headphones, the built in speaker or the line out. Record levels can be set manually, use a limiter or be automatically adjusted.
A band or high-pass filter helps eliminate unwanted background noise. A programmable "silent skip" feature pauses recordings during lapses in a conversation.
The PMD690 has a suggested retail price of $1,499. The PMD680 has a suggested retail price of $1,249.