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Marantz Recorders Can Now Use FTR Tools

Marantz Recorders Can Now Use FTR Tools

Marantz Professional and FTR Ltd. formed a marketing alliance that they said lets Marantz customers play back, transcribe and use FTR note-taking tools to associate and link to Marantz digital audio files.
FTR is a supplier of multimedia recording and content management systems that typically are used in courts and hearing rooms. Its ThinkLink technology creates automatically associated and synchronized FTR links to multimedia content. Software tools let customers create notes that are used to manage the FTR audio/video content.
Version 3.3 of FTR’s software-based audio/video playback and transcription application TheRecord Player is now compatible with the Marantz PMD670 and PMD671 solid-state digital recorders. Marantz users can download the player from the Marantz or FTR Web sites. TheRecord Player can be used on audio recorded with either Marantz unit, and also can be used with files from other Marantz solid-state recorders to provide playback functions for transcription.