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March Window Set for Singleton Translator Apps

Next steps in Auction 99 process

WASHINGTON — A window will open in March for filing new FM translator construction permit applications. But this particular window is for a select 165 “singleton” applications — those not mutually exclusive to other applicants — that are part of the FCC’s Auction 99.

The auction, as previously reported, is a “closed” process, with bidding in May to resolve 12 groups of pending MX applications for “cross-service” FM translator CPs. It is part of the broader AM revitalization initiative.

But the singleton list, being processed separately, has applicants from over the country, including 25 from North Carolina, 15 from Virginia, nine from Texas, and one each from Oregon, Oklahoma and Vermont, among others. Large corporate entities like Cumulus Licensing are on the list, as are educational organizations like South Carolina State University.

Download the singleton list here.

The first step is for these applicants to file a long-form Form 349 application through the commission’s online electronic filing system. Once there, applicants will find a few hoops to jump through, such as tagging a specific long-form box and entering a previously issued CDBS file number.

The window will run March 14 to March 28. During that time, staff will study the submitted long-form applications and subsequently issue a public notice in CDBS for those applications that have been accepted.

Instructions on submitting the applications can be accessed here.