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Marketers Launch More Eureka-147 Ads

Marketers Launch More Eureka-147 Ads

A marketing group promoting the Eureka-147 technology for digital radio in Britain has begun a new ad campaign that features French comics. A series of radio ads voiced by the comics will run across 250 analog and DAB commercial radio stations in three bursts during the second half of 2005. The ads begin airing June 16.
The campaign is designed to promote a single industry-wide message and to reach a mass-market audience using memorable content, according to the Digital Radio Development Bureau.
The prime message to consumers is one of DAB digital radio benefits – more stations, clarity of sound, ease of use. According to the DRDB, there is an underlying suggestion that analog radio is passé and DAB is what the tech-savvy consumer should be buying.
DRDB includes representatives of the BBC, Digital One, GCap Media, EMAP Digital Radio, and MXR, which is made up of Chrysalis, GMG, Capital and UBC.