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Marketplace Taps Veteran Pub Radio Reporter to Report From DC

Seabrook named Washington bureau chief

American Public Media’s “Marketplace” has named Andrea Seabrook as its new Washington, D.C. bureau chief.

Seabrook’s on-air credits include working as NPR’s Congressional Correspondent and as a host of “All Things Considered,” “Weekend Edition,” as well as guest host on “The Diane Rehm Show” and “Talk of the Nation.”

She is also the creator of the “DecodeDC” podcast, —which she began prior to the “Serial”–inspired frenzy. The podcast aimed to coverage Washington and politics in an unfamiliar, unpartisan way.

In the announcement, Seabrook says she “is thrilled to find a home among journalists who share her life-long goal: producing journalism that is accessible and conversational, while providing extraordinary depth and context.”