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Marketron Exchange Claims 1,000th Station

Company hopes to connect another thousand yet this year

Traffic and billing software developer Marketron said it has signed up its 1,000th station for the Marketron Exchange e-commerce operation.

Marketron Exchange is an attempt to connect advertisers with stations that use Marketron ad traffic software. Using the Internet advertisers can have immediate access to available air-times and deliver ads to the stations. Traffic, billing and air proofs can be handled automatically.

Marketron Exchange works with Marketron’s Traffic, Visual Traffic and DeltaFlex applications. CEO Pete D’Accosta said: “Marketron Exchange is the first necessary step in connecting buyers and sellers with an electronic workflow designed to save time and money at the radio station while making radio easier to buy for advertisers and agencies.” He said the new process eliminates discrepancies, postage, paper, back-office time and effort “and will produce a daily proof-of-performance report allowing stations and buyers immediate and accurate spot information.”

Marketron Exchange was launched in February with Katz Media. Marketron hopes to connect 2,000 of its 6,500 stations this year. It says Katz has processed thousands of orders and invoices on behalf of Marketron stations so far. Marketron Broadcast Solutions is part of The Wicks Group of Companies, which also owns NewBay Media, publisher of Radio World.