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Marrying Social Media and Audio

RadioWeave aims to be the Facebook of audio

It’s becoming a confusing, fragmenting environment for broadcasters as Web and “mobile” platforms seem to proliferate like insects in a swamp. Which ones can be ignored and which ones need to be paid attention to?

RadioWeave is another newcomer. The RadioWeave concept is for users to collect audio that they like and make it available to everyone else in the RadioWeave community. Collected audio can then be streamed back to the user.

These audio sources can include feeds and podcasts from radio broadcasters. Streaming feeds from NPR and Fox Radio are already available to RadioWeave users and RadioWeave executives are in negotiation with several radio stations about making their feeds available to the RadioWeave community.

Ambitious plans for RadioWeave include widgets such as a Twitter tweet-to-audio converter for hands-free reception of tweets.

RadioWeave co-founder and CEO Brent Noorda said: “RadioWeave will drive the reinvention of radio. … Today consumers expect and demand the ability to filter and tailor everything they see, read and listen to online, where we spend a majority of our time. Radio has yet to fully confront this fundamental cultural shift. … RadioWeave gives our users total control over their listening experience, blending multiple types of audio content into one personalized streaming experience.”