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Martin Reiterates He’ll Try to Scope Out Origin of ‘Mystery’ Report

Martin Reiterates He'll Try to Scope Out Origin of 'Mystery' Report

FCC Chairman Kevin Martin reiterated in a letter to Sen. Barbara Boxer on Thursday that a draft report on TV localism from 2004 was news to him. The Senator produced the document during his renomination hearing earlier this week, and asked why it had been suppressed.
In the letter, Martin said again he had not seen the report, nor had his staff. He said, “It is unclear why this report was never released to the public.” He pledged to find out why, but also noted that the senior Media Bureau staff and former Chairman Michael Powell are no longer at the commission.
Martin reiterated he would add it to the record for the pending localism and media ownership proceedings.
The report finds that locally-owned TV stations produce more local news than do group-owned stations.