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Massenburg to Deliver Heyser Lecture

Grammy-winning parametric EQ inventor to look at music technology and business

George Massenburg will deliver the annual Richard C. Heyser Memorial Lecture at the Audio Engineering Society convention in New York next week.

Entitled “4-44 & Me — Stagnation to Transformation: The Real Future of Music,” it will be delivered on Oct. 17 starting at 7:15 p.m. A release indicates it will be a far-ranging speech. Massenburg will discuss the role of musical education and lack thereof. He’ll examine music recording quality and improvements. He’ll address how new technology is empowering independent artists. “It’s a great time to be in music. And, as many examples have demonstrated, people will pay if you give them a high-quality offering. ‘Good enough’ is no longer good enough. The job is to transform ourselves. Never before in history has there been an opportunity as we now have before us,” he says.

Massenburg is something of a musical Renaissance Man. He’s been a recording engineer and producer for a number of top acts; he’s designed studios and he’s famous for developing the parametric EQ. He’s currently also working as a professor at McGill University, Berklee College of Music and University of Memphis. In addition his four Grammy Awards are just the beginning of a long list of music recording awards he’s won.

Previous Heyser lecturers include Ray Dolby, Ray Kurzweil and Phil Ramone.