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MasterLink-IP Is Aimed at Broadcast Radio Distribution

MasterLink-IP Is Aimed at Broadcast Radio Distribution

Harris introduced MasterLink-IP at NAB. It’s an IP-based audio platform that the company positions as an affordable alternative for point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications.
The project is a collaboration of Harris, Barix and Colorado Public Radio. Harris touts it for its flexibility for program monitoring and sharing across multiple stations through simple Internet connections.
“It can also be used as an inexpensive RPU for simple remote broadcasts, and as a back-up to fixed STL, among various other functions,” it stated. The system starts at around $1,000.
Barix offers a similar product to the international market; it is helping Harris in the customization for radio. CPR is a program provider; using the system it can offer server space and database hosting for broadcast groups that wish to monitor multiple stations and share source material over distances.
A typical system features an Instreamer and Exstreamer to encode and decode programs at the origination and receive sites. Program material is sent over the Internet. Stations that wish to access live programming can call up a private IP address and stream an MP3 signal. One Instreamer can connect to eight Exstreamers, replacing more costly satellite time for program distribution.
A group that wishes to monitor or share with more than eight listeners can connect the Instreamer to an MP3 streaming server.