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Matheny Opens NAB 2015 Broadcast Engineering Conference

He says change, choice, principles must guide engineers

NAB EVP/CTO Sam Matheny opened the Broadcast Engineering Conference Sunday at NAB2015 by saying broadcasting is at a crossroads and must be guided by change, choice and principles.

“Most of the challenges our industry faces are driven by new technologies. This means the role of the broadcast engineer is more important than ever,” Matheny told attendees here in Las Vegas.

It also means “we must get comfortable with disruptive ideas,” he said.

“It used to be when a broadcast engineer was asked about IOT, he would most likely answer with something about the way Inductive Output Tubes impact the RF amplification. A discussion of klystrons and efficiency gains would soon ensue, Matheny said. “But today, if asked about IOT that same engineer may just as likely – perhaps even more likely – start talking about the Internet Of Things and a TV everywhere or streaming radio strategy,” he said.

IP connectivity is expanding and today’s radio and TV engineers have to understand the merger of IT and engineering functions is something “we all must effectively manage.”

“There are no facts about the future. It is ours to create. We can choose to sit idle, or choose” to act, he said, noting that connectivity will increase, data costs will come down, consumers will be more demanding and data will be more important.