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Matheny to Speak at SCBA Conference

Topical speakers, exhibiting companies travel to South Carolina in late January

NAB Chief Technology Officer Sam Matheny will be speaking at the upcoming South Carolina Broadcasters Association Winter Conference, Jan. 29–30, in Columbia, S.C.

Matheny will be examining current and future radio and TV broadcasting technologies — including hybrid radio and ATSC 3.0.

Also speaking will be Ron Rackley on antenna technology. On the regulation front, Scott Johnson of Fletcher Heald & Hildreth along with Doug Miller and Eric Rice of the FCC will discuss the latest on rules and some issues that the agency is debating.

Breakout sessions feature Diana Stokey of RCS and Ted Nahil of GatesAir. Nahil will be addressing “error mitigation techniques such as forward error correction and stream splicing that help guarantee proper delivery of audio and data over IP to a broadcast transmitter site.”

There will also be sales- and management-focused seminars, in addition to an awards presentation. Of course there will also be a floor exhibition. Companies committed to attend include: Broadcast Electronics/Commotion, Broadcast Supply Worldwide, Broadcasters General Store, Comrex, Dielectric, DoubleRadius, ENCO, Nautel, Sabre Towers, SCMS, Shively Labs, Tieline and WideOrbit.